Privacy Policy

Personal information about customers and website visitors is held securely and is treated with the utmost care. R&D Media committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and visitors to its websites as being an absolute necessity to the operation of its business. R&D Media B.V.complies with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and other privacy legislation for an accurate processing of personal data. The party responsible for data processing (Controller) is R&D Media B.V., Max euweplein 24, 1017 MB Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Dutch Data Protection Authority in The Hague is notified of all processing of personal data. Processing personal data
Data is stored and maintained in the course of providing our services. Your personal details are stored when you take out a subscription to a (mobile) service, when you are a participant to a promotion. The personal information we hold includes information such as contact details, mobile phone number, sub- and unsubscribe data, for instance to a (mobile) service, ordered products/services, information about payments, log files in the course of providing mobile services and/or where you have registered an interest in our different sorts of services. We use this information for the fulfillment and processing of agreements with you (and our aggregators), to provide other services (by our subsidiaries and sponsors or partners), internal business processes. Data are not used for marketing purposes.

Use of data
In order to use our mobile services you are asked to pass through a (usually country specific) subscribe process. You are asked to specify a number of data, such as (if applicable) your name, address, postal code, residence, gender, mobile phone number, e-mail address and bank account number. These data are used to send you information in the course of providing our (requested) services and to be able to bill these with you. If you have specified your (mobile) telephone number this is used to confirm the kind of service and to conclude and perform the agreement with you. You can unsubscribe at any moment by clicking on the link in the message which you receive on your mobile telephone.

Viewing for correction
You view the data we maintain on you at any time. If such information is incorrect you can help us to correct these. To view or correct your data, you can send your request to the above mentioned address. Please contact us also at the above address if you have questions or any queries about how we handle personal information.

Database records
For the provision of our service we keep database records in order to have a robust control in place on our services (and our service providers). The purpose of this is to optimize the reliability of the service. The information derived from these data is used to prevent misuse of data and if necessary to comply with more detailed information queries from third parties on the basis of (self)regulation.

Browsing session and IP-adress
We also make use of the IP-address of your computer. This IP-address is a number which automatically assigned to your computer when you have a browsing session on the internet, such as when you visit one of our sites or landing pages. They can be used to see which use has been made of the website and for drafting analyses and reports with non-identifiable information. Security Due to the nature of the service and the trust which one must have in our service we have designed and implemented technical and organizational measures governing an adequate level of security and ensure compliance with these measures. Cookies Sites which transmit advertisements are making use of cookies to keep count of which advertisements have been shown. These cookies are places by the company which provides these advertisements. The only purposes of these cookies is to transmit the communication necessary to show the advertisement on the website or to provide the requested service after clicking the advertisement on the website. These ‘clicks’ give us information which is in the interests of statistical analysis on a non-identifiable level. Your personal use cannot be derived from such use.

On this site you see a number of hyperlinks to other websites. We cannot be held responsible for the data processing activities by these organizations. Read the privacy policy, if present, of the site you are visiting.

We reserve the right to make adjustments to this privacy policy. Important adjustments are made know on this site in the privacy policy.