General Terms and Conditions

Glomobi Services give unlimited use of the available content for maximum 30 INR per week such as apps, ringtones, videos, etc. within the Glomobi portal. In order to make use of the services of Glomobi you must agree with the conditions on the payment page, your mobile operator will organize payment.

Terms & Conditions

Article 1 – Definitions

1.1. In these conditions the following terms are used in the following meaning below, unless otherwise stated or other interpretation according to context: a. R&D Media B.V.: R&D Media B.V. the user of these terms and conditions; b. website: the mobile website or mobile application Glomobi; c. Participant: the internet user who will sign an agreement with R&D Media B.V.; d. Agreement: the subscription that the participant has with R&D Media B.V. to participate in Glomobi; e. Glomobi: online content which is offered to the end user via the portal;

Article 2. General

2.1. These terms and conditions apply to the use of the website and to any agreement between the participant and R&D Media B.V. in which R&D Media B.V. stated these general terms and conditions.
2.2. If one or more stipulations of these terms and conditions are invalid or void, the remaining stipulations of these terms and conditions shall remain fully applicable. Parties will consult in order to agree new stipulations to replace the invalid stipulations, which are observed as far as possible the purpose and intent of the original stipulation.
2.3. These terms and conditions as well as other information regarding the services of R&D Media B.V. can be found on the website. The participant has to check the box that one agrees to the terms and conditions.

Article 3. Responsibility for links on the website

3.1. The website may contain links to other websites. R&D Media B.V. can not permanently check those other websites nor accept any responsibility for its contents. R&D Media B.V. can not be held liable for any such content.

Article 4. Participation

4.1. To participate in Glomobi a subscription needs to be closed at R&D Media B.V.. The subscription can be closed by registering on the website.
4.2. The internet user must complete the online registration form and fill it out truthfully. Once the participant has registered, the registration has been received in good order and accepted by R&D Media B.V. registration, R&D Media B.V. sends the participant a confirmation and then the participant can join Glomobi.
4.3. When registering, the participant must be in possession of a valid working telephone number.
4.4. R&D Media B.V. has the right not to accept a registration.
4.5. The participant must be 18 years or older and have a permanent place of residence in the Netherlands to participate in Glomobi.
4.6. At the request of R&D Media B.V. the participant must provide a copy of a valid identification to R&D Media B.V.
4.7. The participant is not allowed to register multiple times or register as a different person.
4.8. Participation of Glomobi is excluded for employees and business partners of R&D Media B.V. and any person who is in any way (in)directly involved in the development and implementation of the website and Glomobi.
4.9. R&D Media B.V. reserves the right to exclude the participant of offered content if the participant in any way breaches these terms and conditions or otherwise acts unlawfully against R&D Media B.V. or third parties.

Article 5. Right of withdrawal

5.1. The participant agrees that immediately after signing, the subscription shall be commenced with the implementation. Therefore, the participant can not invoke the right of withdrawal.

Article 6. Duration and Termination

6.1. The subscription is for an indefinite period. The participant can unsubscribe at any time.
6.2. Termination via the website or by sending an email to:
6.3. Upon termination, the participant shall clearly state his phone number.
6.4. Upon termination of the subscription, the participant can no longer participate in Glomobi.

Article 7. Improper use of the website and Glomobi

7.1. It is not allowed to abuse bugs or technical malfunctions in Glomobi. Any bugs or technical failures by the participant must immediately be made known to R&D Media B.V..
7.2. It is not allowed to manipulate the website or Glomobi.
7.3. The participant must abide by all (other) rules or by the code listed on the website.
7.4. If the participant hacks the system or commits fraud in any way whatsoever, R&D Media B.V. will report the matter to the police.
7.5. If the participant is in breach of the stipulations of this Article or abused the website or Glomobi in any way, R&D Media B.V. is entitled to terminate the subscription.

Article 8. Questions and complaints

8.1. Any questions or complaints can be directed to:
8.2. Complaints are handled by R&D Media B.V. within 30 days. If handling of a complaint within the period of 30 days is not possible, the participant will be informed of the delay.

Article 9. Liability

9.1. R&D Media B.V. aims to keep the services on the website accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The access can be interrupted, including maintenance, updates and/or for some other technical reason. R&D Media B.V. is not liable for a temporary interruption of the website or Glomobi, unless the interruption at the hands of R&D Media B.V. is unreasonably long. 9.2. R&D Media B.V. can never guarantee that the information on the website is correct. R&D Media B.V. will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this data and is as consistent as possible. Outside influences, for example of hackers, is always possible and can lead to distorted information. R&D Media B.V. is not liable for this distorted information. 9.3. R&D Media B.V. is not liable for damages of any kind resulting out of incorrect and/or incomplete data given by the participant. 9.4. R&D Media B.V. is never liable for indirect or consequential damages. 9.5. The limitations of liability contained in these terms and conditions do not apply if the damage is done intentionally, or is the responsibility of R&D Media B.V. or her subordinates.

Article 10. Force majeure

10.1. R&D Media B.V. is not obliged to fulfill one or more obligations in the agreement in the case of force majeure. Force majeure is defined as a non-attributable failure of third parties engaged to be temporarily or insufficient availability of hardware, software and/or internet or other telecommunication connections which are necessary for providing the services and any other situation of which R&D Media B.V. has no (decisive) control.
10.2. In case of force majeure R&D Media B.V. is not obliged to compensate the damage, except and if R&D Media B.V. has had an advantage due to the force majeure situation that they would not have had when in correct handling of the agreement.

Article 11. Intellectual property

11.1. Without the prior written or electronic consent of R&D Media B.V., the participant may not copy, transmit, distribute, reproduce or publish information, text, logos, trademarks, trade names and images that he obtained through the website.

Article 12. Security and the internet

R&D Media B.V. will take appropriate security measures to protect the website against the risks of unauthorized access or alteration, destruction or loss of the data entered by the participant via the website, but R&D Media B.V. cannot guarantee the matter.
12.2. R&D Media B.V. and the participant will only appeal to the court if they have tried to the best of their abbilities to settle a dispute by mutual agreement.
12.3. Any agreement between the participant and R&D Media B.V. is applicable to Dutch law.
12.4. The judge in the city of R&D Media B.V. has exclusive jurisdiction to hear disputes, unless the law requires otherwise. If R&D Media B.V. appeals to this stipulation, the participant has the right to choose the (authorized) judge within one month.